Repair. Refurbish. Restore.

We buy, sell, repair, upgrade almost all electronic devices
We Buy, Sell, Trade, Repair and Upgrade all Apple and PC Products. All item are Certified Refurbished and come with a 1 yr OEM warranty. We also have a extended warranty at additional cost. Our 2yr warranty is through a 3rd party and will cover all issues with the device at a flat rate. If you're looking to purchase computers or phones please consider us.
We want to match the Phone or computer to your needs. We sell quality product and if we don't have it we can get it! Our moto is:"If It's Simple It's Free".
Is your Computer not turning on? Cracked or damaged screen? Slow computer performance? Virus or malware? Clicking or grinding noise from hard drive? Contact us today at (720) 524-8878


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